The Doctors… who likes to moan?

Why on earth are we spending so much of our times in a waiting room? We book our appointment for 4pm, yet we are sat waiting to see the doctor still at 4.50pm. You sit there absorbing other people’s diseases knowing if you make one fatal move and touch something then you’re going to leave in a body bag. I hate the doctors and I only go when I have several problems. One problem is never enough to justify going no matter how severe it is…

“Oops I didn’t clean out my wound enough and I think I need my leg amputated…. well I don’t want to sit in the waiting room for an hour, so I think I’ll wait to see how the leg gets on….cough cough…. ah bugger now I’ve got a chest infection, well I best book the day off work and head on down to the death room”

the doctor who likes to moan

Not only are the reception staff always incompetent, the doctors these days have discovered they can get away with a new low. I have been to my doctors now with the same worsening symptoms now for over two years, each time getting sent away with the same advice. I even changed doctors four months ago and got given the same drivel. So what did I do? I played doctor and even did half their work for them. I did what everyone does today and I diagnosed myself. Now in other cases I understand doctors don’t find this entirely reliable as most things on the internet point to something deadly, but all my symptoms which I’ve been complaining about point to one diagnosis. One god damn diagnosis that requires one or two pills to be taken everyday for the foreseeable future to keep me well.

I went to my doctors on Monday feeling over the moon thinking “I’ve solved the case, just give me the frikkin’ pills”. I explained how I did his job, I justified my points as anybody who understands persuasion would do, and I even asked him if he believed otherwise. He accepted that after looking at my history it is most likely the cause… Brilliant I am finally getting somewhere. So I wait as he types up a prescription and expect to get the medication I’ve researched. Well as you may have foreseen hence the moan, he gave me something pointless. Medicine which we both know will have to keep me off his back for at least six months as I have to wait for my body to react to them and adjust to them, but will in the end result in me sat in his waiting room gathering more infection.

Thanks doc.


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