Indicating… Who Likes To Moan?

Is it just me or are people in the UK so lazy now that it’s become a chore to indicate in your car? I walk through Birmingham city centre as part of my daily commute to work. I stop, look and listen and when I see a car that seems to be at a constant pace with no indicator I presume the car has no intention of turning towards the road I am about to cross. How wrong I have been. In order to survive the new laziness of UK drivers I just follow other people crossing the road like a sheep. I wait for them to take the deathly decision first before following.

When you think about how difficult it is to indicate it’s no wonder we can’t be bothered these days. You have to think about dropping down a gear, braking to adjust to a comfortable speed, look in your rear view mirror and then you have to use your arm muscles even more and actually turn the wheel. Who on earth thought we would have the ability to indicate whilst processing all these other functions?! I’m being sarcastic at this point as indicators hold a fundamental purpose which can and has saved lives. This is why it shocks me on a daily basis that drivers think it’s an optional function, especially in city centres. Not only are they risking the pedestrian who is crossing, but they risk a car crash from unsuspecting driver behind them.

What I do not understand however is the principle taught in driving lessons for sudden braking of “looking in your rear view mirror before you brake”. Fill me in if you understand this better but if I am about to hit a car in front because he didn’t indicate and chose to brake last minute for a whirlwind turn, why would I find it necessary to look in my mirror to see if another person is too close for me to brake? Where would I find the time? When this has happened to me I managed to slam my foot on the brake and let out a swear word. I forgot to process a blink or look in the mirror but at least I prioritised correctly.

car without indicator


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