Asda Self Service Checkout…Who Likes To Moan?

Huge fan of Asda here. I love the prices, the offers, the locations of the stores and the reduced aisles. What I don’t like about Asda is their odd bagging system when it comes to the self service checkout.

The idea behind the self service stations is that it is speedy. Customers serve themselves, and there are two stations for every counter you typically get when being served by a person. Great idea, and once you actually get used to the systems it is a faster process… sometimes.

The problem comes from having to wait for the Asda employee to offer you a bag. All the bags are removed from the stations and you wait a good few minutes sometimes to receive one bag when you clearly require two. Before you request another bag the employee is off dealing with a machine that is failing to scan an item. So you wait some more.

I have been told that the withholding of bags is for security reasons, but I don’t understand why they can’t offer you two bags at a time and place more cameras to put thieves off?

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  1. Fahrettin Berber said:

    I think you are recognizing me

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