Please and Thank you… Who Likes To Moan?

I’ve been brought up to say Please and Thank you over anything. When I am offered a drink I respond with either “yes please” or “no thank you”. So how many of you feel appalled by people who lack these words in their vocabulary? I feel as though a moral crime has been committed and sometimes I must admit my reactions are a bit far fetched.

Example 1: I’m stood outside and a mother with child is rolling the pram towards the exit. I open the door for her and get no recognition at all. I suppress my immediate frustration and see another group of individuals about to walk through the door I’m holding. I decide to wait for them to be a polite civilian. Five people strolled through the door, all without saying thank you and this brought out the hulk within. “Don’t worry about it, Thank you is a difficult word to grasp!” Whoops, I blurted that out accidentally, but one person turned to me and immediately apologised.

Example 2: Driving in my car I see a person who has been waiting to be let into my lane from a side street for a fairly long time. Out of the 10-15 cars in front I left a gap and let them in. I expected recognition for my kindness but I got absolutely nothing. Worse still I felt helpless. I imagined ramming his car to relieve the hulk inside of me. The most I could do was swear and shout from the comfort of my car and debate whether it’s worth letting anyone else in ever again. For that journey I became a selfish driver.

I blame my mother for bringing me up to believe that manners and respect for others is an essential tool. I blame my primary school for enforcing it. It seems that manners are out of fashion, like an old tradition that no longer exists. Such a shame.

I would love to hear your moans about manners. I can think of dozens of examples for instance, waiting in a queue and someone pushes in, making someone a coffee and they don’t say thank you. Share some of your moans and let out the hulk.

  1. Fahrettin Berber said:

    Actually I didn’t understand headline.’Who likes to moan’

  2. One thing I personally hate is when someone requests manners, but doesn’t repond themselves. Like situations where someone will say “you didn’t say please/thankyou” but they themselves never do. I feel that in circumstances like this, the please/thank-you can be omitted.

    I also agree that the time of manners has passed, on the road, if you let someone through they will just take advantage and you will be left without any benefit for your actions. My personal annoyance is when I am out on a night out, and I open a door or let someone through in a nightclub (because its very busy and I can see someone is trying to get somewhere), they don’t even bother to acknowledge the fact I went out of my way to make it easier for them.

    Sometimes, its just not worth it.

  3. I totally agree, particularly with the driving one! I still believe in manners very strongly and on rare occasions you can tell the recipient of good manners is genuinely a bit happier e.g. in shops. They cost nothing but are priceless. P.S. Great blog, I am a grumpy old man and I relate a bit too strongly with some of the posts 🙂

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