Too old to club… Who Likes To Moan?

old lady clubbing

How many of you contemplate going out to enjoy a weekend? How many then investigate the wardrobe and then change your mind?

I’m 24 years old and every time I debate whether I fancy a night out I do this routine and end up curled in a ball on the sofa feeling aged and checking for thinning hair. What’s wrong with me? When I was 21 I was a religious clubber and everyone seemed around my age which justified my going out. I went out to Oceana a few months back and I felt like the oldest person in the room. The girls were literally girls, and the men were still competing over who can grow facial hair. I felt like I had attended a children’s birthday party. Since when did I become too old to go clubbing?

  1. Fahrettin Berber said:

    see you soon

  2. Dannii said:

    Im the same age, with the same feeling! I used to DJ in most of the clubs in Cardiff… I came back for a weekend not long ago and went out… I swear everyone there was still in their teens. Now wheres my slippers..?

  3. Dylan said:

    I think this is a sign of maturing,not aging per say, but in thinking. I may be bias on the subject(because all the clubs in my local area are pretty horrible) But after 21, I got very tired of the whole clubbing scene. I felt it has become a waste of time and money. besides, I found having a group of close friends over and a couple bottles whiskey/vodka/ect was way more fun then going out to a packed club with hiked up prices and blasting music(which most of the time sucked).

    Maybe that’s what your feeling?

    You could try having a couple of friends over for drinks and good music. 🙂 and 24 is far from old, you know that.

    • I matured far too quick hence why I moan like an old fart most the time! lol! I love the idea of a group of close friends hanging and enjoying a good gaming session. I do this regularly and its the cheapest and most fun way to enjoy my weekends. Then i get dragged up town and I go through the whole awkwardness of being far too old for student nights!

      I’ll be 25 this month so I will officially be old! lol! What a terrible thought! Best start buying my woolly jumpers and reading glasses soon :p

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