Getting Things Done- Essential Tools to enabling your business

I have been investigated processes to improve the business needs and the employees capability. Sometimes you are understaffed but you cannot afford to employ someone to take on the additional work, or it’s just not justifiable enough.

This is the case for the team I work for. Juggling the amount of workload which fluctuates from one week to the next, means it’s tough to make it viable to employ a new member of staff. Therefore our alternative is to find ways to improve our processes.

I was advised by someone I met through networking to visit this website:

This website refers to process changes, and how to make tasks easier. It is a real benefit and the podcasts available are a great listen. My advice to you: invest time in reading through the articles and take this quiz to find out where you are:

Another new website addition to help is I highly recommend you use this as an online checklist tool. The system allows you to create a checklist and order projects. You can assign work to other members of staff and monitor what the status. For more information check out this Mashable article which is where I discovered Asana from:


  1. Fahrettin Berber said:

    can you give detailed knowledge about Asana

    • “Asana is a modern web application that keeps teams in sync, a shared task list where everyone can capture, organize, track, and communicate what they are working on in service of their common goal. Rather than trying to stay organized through the tedious grind of emails and meetings, teams using Asana can move faster and do more — or even take on bigger and more interesting goals.”

      Take a look at the website for more information, they have a few great introductory videos too 😀

  2. “Getting Things Done- Essential Tools to enabling your business Who Likes To Moan?
    ” was indeed a quite nice posting, . Keep posting
    and I am going to keep viewing! Thanks for your effort -Harley

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