Queuing… Who Likes To Moan?

If only there was a systematic process to allow people to get seen to in an orderly fashion? The queuing system, designed to make it fair for everyone. So why is there reason to moan?

Waiting in a queue at Tesco, I can estimate when I will get seen to and although I dislike the wait, I understand that this is a fair process so I accept my annoyance. There is a lady in front and I eye up how many items she has to buy. It’s only a few and she is holding her Lloyds card so I can see a quick card transaction later I will be next. Her man friend then pushes in front of me and hands her a whale load more items. I think that every British person who has had a similar situation has gone through the same process that I went through at this point:

  1. Extreme annoyance, you are shouting down the place…. silently in your head. This is why I refer to British people, as its well known that we are push overs
  2. You work through the scenario that has just taken place and imagine telling that person to get to the back of the queue
  3. You imagine that the person goes to the back of the queue and everyone else applauds you for having the courage to stand up for yourself
  4. You then imagine the person flailing around violently, turning you red faced and humiliated
  5. You come to the conclusion that you are glad you said nothing in case the latter scenario took place but still feel utter frustration
  6. You follow the British complaints procedure and you TUT.

It’s a good job that people are aware of the ‘tut’. They know it means you are disgusted and although it is non confrontational, they can sense they have done wrong. The male friend heard me tut and stood there silently throughout the whole waiting process. I bet he waited till he left hearing distance to moan about how I had the audacity to tut at him. But that’s the British way; we moan, but at least we are polite about it.


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