Men and first impressions… Who Likes To Moan?

I was reading the eventful Shortlist magazine yesterday (I understand it’s a male focused magazine but I do love reading about new gadgets, games and cars) and discovered an article called “ten tips for approaching women… by a woman”. Around the lunch table the female staff and I agreed with nine of the tips.

  1. “Women are more open to conversation when they’re in the ‘social areas’ of a room at a party…”
  2. “Don’t try too hard to be funny. The simplest lines are often the most effective because they sound genuine…”
  3. “Be charming. We will judge you on how you treat everyone…”
  4. “Yes, you want to impress but please don’t boast…”
  5. “If you like a woman, talk to her first. If she sees you chatting up nine other women before her, she’ll assume you’re just looking for a bed for the night, and aren’t fussy about whose it is”
  6. “If you’ve noticed a girl around, tell her- it’s flattering…”
  7. “Don’t talk about other women. Even if it’s in an uncomplimentary way…”
  8. “Don’t hand over your business card and say you’d love us to ring you. Be the man. You call us”
  9. “Approach from the front and smile- body language research says women can get spooked if you sidle up from the side”

So for the men reading this, not only was this written be a woman, it was approved by women. The only point which was not approved was this:

“Stick to low-key compliments as they sound honest. We’re more likely to believe you if you call us ‘pretty’ rather than ‘beautiful’.”

The office women strongly disagreed. We do not want to be pretty when we know that men fully comprehend the word beautiful. Just like men would prefer us to say they are ‘fit’ instead of ‘alright’. So think twice before effectively telling her she’s average!

We went on to discuss the worst type of men we have dated and the best. So we made our own list of pet hates:

  • We hate it when men act uninterested in what we are saying as they are too busy looking at the merchandise.
  • We LOVE gentleman. The male who opens the door, orders the drinks and is courteous at all times. Even if it doesn’t last the whole relationship, it’s a great starting point
  • Over aggressive men. We don’t understand why men get so over protective but we understand the difficulties men face. It’s hard to decide how protective to be, but generally if a man is threatening to attack another male for looking at his woman, he is far too aggressive, insecure and jealous to risk going on a second date with.
  • The most unattractive quality about an attractive man is his personality. Majority of men we have dated who ought to have been in a Next catalogue had awful personalities. So within twenty minutes of speaking to them you find them the ugliest person around. This is good news for men who aren’t models. If these men have the jokes, the gentleman like qualities and the attention span to listen, they are far more likely to win the ladies.

Hope this helps… may even prevent a few moans and misunderstandings if you read this carefully before going out on the town, or the shopping centre or the local.

  1. Fahrettin Berber said:

    very useful article

  2. Fahrettin Berber said:

    Leena do you understand me now…….

  3. Fahrettin Berber said:

    I mean it is very difficult to distinguish first impression

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