Christmas Socks and Soap… Who Likes To Moan?

Every year it’s advertised in October. Every year we are warned with lights, signs and incredible offers. Every year chocolate is shoved in our faces like it is the key offering alongside alcohol. Yet every year there are hundreds and thousands of us who end up with socks or soap.

I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind socks and soap but I am one of the unfortunate people who end up with a lifelong supply of the stuff on the 25th December. Even my boyfriend ends up buying me soap and he can see I’m still using the Lush products given to me by my sister three years ago.

I’m a guilty candidate however. When I roam through the ridiculous amount of goodies I know no-one will use I find it more and more difficult to focus on what my friends and family actually want. I get so overwhelmed I head to Boots and buy the women bath products. Then I head to Debenhams and buy the men some socks. I only feel guilty about these purchases when I’m wrapping them up. By this time it’s the day before Christmas and there is nothing I can do but feel rotten.

So what is it about socks and soap that make them the acceptable lame gift to give every year and why do so many of us resort to buying them when we know we would only be excited about receiving these gifts if we were a tramp?

My suggestion to all is to keep clear of soap and socks unless it’s the last resort. Try alcohol for those who drink, try make-up for the women (but keep the receipt as no doubt you will buy the wrong shade of eye-shadow or lipstick). Best of all, try listening a few months before Christmas to the people you love. What is it they say they need in passing? How do their eyes light up over certain products?

It’s not too late to be sneaky. Argos catalogues are a great tool to see what the wife needs. Online history can be a way to take a look at what the husband likes (be warned there will be sites you’d rather not have known about!) Try asking methodically to get the answer out of them without indicating it’s for Christmas. Just make sure this year you buy something other than soap and socks.

  1. Fahrettin Berber said:

    Leena can you help me on this matter?

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