Dreaming is therapy… Who Likes To Moan?

I was reading an article in the Metro this morning which discusses the importance of dreaming. I thought it was worth sharing so that you all can feel blessed you had such a strange dream which made perfect sense until you woke up.

According to the article, dreaming is like overnight therapy. It helps you move on from painful experiences you have.

Research was carried out where 35 people were split into two groups and viewed 150 emotional images. The first group was shown these images in the morning and then again at night before bed, while the second group looked at the images at night and then again (12 hours later) in the morning.

The MRI scans showed that those who slept between viewing the images showed a ‘significant decrease’ in their emotional reaction to the images.

So for all of you who dream tonight, just think of all the money you saved on seeing a therapist.

  1. Fahrettin Berber said:

    nobody is dreaming novadays

  2. I actually found this article ridiculous. Only 35 participants (too low for my liking). This also means an uneven number of people per group. Potentially the ridiculously low number of 17 per group, although it could be anything as, at least in the BBC article, we don’t know how many were in each group.
    Secondly, damn right people are more emotional after no sleep. They’ve had no bloody sleep! I have a feeling it’s nothing to do with dreams, and more to do with fatigue.

    • I did think this while I was typing it up. I was a bit unsure how they could split up 35 people, but then I assumed that maybe they were preparing for dropouts.

      I actually like the idea that we de-stress with our dreams. Although sometimes I wake up from dreaming about Zombies and Dawn of The Dead style attacks (major fear) and I’m left an emotional wreck. Last night’s dream has left me feeling damn angry at my friend even though I know it was a dream! lol!

      Ah the idea is nice. I think I need to stop playing COD before bed though, as I’m getting tired of dreaming of “firing range” now lol

      • Exactly, although my major fear is aliens. I always get stressed after an alien nightmare! I think stress is probably more down to the quality of sleep and how many REM cycles you go through as opposed to the actual process of dreaming or the dream content. But who knows, the mind is a weird and magical thing.

  3. Phil!!! I remember about the 4 stages of sleep from one our History teachers in Grammar lol. I read about it a few weeks ago and apparently there are now only 3 stages though! Tut, shame on the History teacher- he should let go of old redundant facts lol.

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