Apple products… Who Likes To Moan?

I genuinely can’t stand Apple. I know this alienates a lot of readers but I still can’t stand Apple and it has to be said.

I dislike companies that grow on the basis of having a ‘cool’ brand image. Apple rely on their image to sell their products which end up looking great but contain a lot of technology similar to their competitors. What’s worse is their competitors tend to offer superior products.

For example: Samsung makes 26% of IPhone 4’s components’ cost. Samsung make the RAM, the internal memory chips, the A4 chipset: basically what makes the phone run and retain information. The IPhone 4 costs £150 on average to make, yet they sell from a whopping £499! Now that’s a mark-up! When you take into account that the heart of Apple’s IPhone 4S is Samsung it makes you wonder why people are obsessing over having one- why not buy a Samsung?

I am just rather particular about when to fork out £500 plus. This is why I do not waste my cash on an Apple product. Apple no longer builds or creates anything these days; they are a design company. As long as they get to market early they know they will captivate an audience. Why? Because they have invested heavily into marketing. They know that if they create a buzz over their brand name they are set to rob the moronic followers. The people who think its “cool” to have an Apple product, to prove they are a follower of a trend.

Simply put I believe Apple lack the technological competition (without Samsung). They rely on their marketing and designers. After all, they are just pulling parts off a shelf from other companies and putting them together in a nice well designed plastic and aluminium shell these days.

  1. Fahrettin Berber said:

    on this subject I have no opinion

  2. Well said Leena an i agree 🙂 thats why i use a Windows Phone 7 it is so connected to Office 2010, Linked-in, Twitter and Facebook anything you write in those accounts arrives straight on my screen under your contact name 🙂 i wont comment anymore as i would like you read this blog too as it so compliments yours 🙂

  3. Fahrettin Berber said:

    really Leena

  4. Jason said:

    Your argument is solely based on hardware specs. When the real difference goes WAY deeper than RAM, Processors and the like. It’s the software behind the hardware that makes the difference, such as the OS and the extremely diverse and STABLE app store.

    Apple wins with their user experience, hands down. It’s impossible for Android to win the user experience battle when there is soooo much fragmentation across devices. I develop for both platforms, and believe me, after user testing, and surveys…iPhone is leaps and bounds beyond Android in usability. I’ve never had a client ask for an Android app because you don’t make money on the android market place…if you want to make money with your app, you put it on the apple app store. Unless your angry birds. Lol.

    Apples marketing helps them a lot, don’t get me wrong…but I don’t care how good your marketing is, if you are turning out crap products, you won’t get life long customers.

    But it’s your opinion, so by all means keep hating apple products.

    • I like your points and I think you do make some good ones so thank you for responding firstly.

      With regards to the Apple store, I don’t understand why people are willing to pay for applications which in some cases found for free on android phones, but then I am miserly with my money. Apple not only make profits from their phones but also from their apps. Take a look at this link to see how honest Apple are as a company:

      I’m glad you see that Apples marketing helps them a lot. What I think differently is that a crap product can be sold to anyone with the right spin. Not to say however that Apple product is crap. I actually think its a decent phone and would compete with the likes of Samsung, however it is not superior. This superiority is gained from marketing and cult followers who believe that owning an Apple product boosts their self image- impression management theory. Its this type of marketing that has led to their true reach and success. For example, its like buying a Mercedes or wearing Burberry. You don’t just buy the product because it has a good engine, or because it fits well. You buy the product because it gives you a social status, which in turn is reflected in the brand value. Apple are successful for their brand image.

      Which leads to why I dislike them so much. I hate people shoving their Apple products in my face with their snobbery. I do not care one bit that these people like to be the sheep and want to follow a trend. Majority of people who own an Apple will have little justification to own one other than “it was an Apple”. I appreciate the owners who considered other options and thought about the actual benefits of the product, but unfortunately the fashion idiots degrade the company. These people reflect on Apple, and how it wants idiots and sheep to buy its products.

      • Jason said:

        I am against fanboy’s (sheep) across the board, I can’t stand people that 100% love or hate a product based on the brand they support. Its like politics, there are people that don’t give a darn about where the candidate stands on key issues, they just care whether he/she is republican or democrat. It’s terrible.

        I have worked on both Android and Apple app stores. I agree, its funny that people pay for apps on the App store when there are free versions on the android store. The thing about that concept that is sad to me, is that developers feel they have to give stuff away on the android store. It is because they realize the android users are less likely to spend money on apps. I have a problem with people giving away their products in general, I think there are proper situations like Social Networks, where the app should be free…but overall if you develop a useful app, you should be able to get $.99 for it. Regarding their profits, as a developer, 70% is more than double the percentage I get from say Envato where I sell wordpress themes and stuff. So 70% and I don’t have to deal with handling transactions, that is actually really fair. I don’t even think stock photography sites offer that much to their photographers.

        I am torn on your majority concept of people who own apple products…I think there is a “Designer” mentality that people expect design people to use an apple computer. So most people (especially young designers) want a macbook or an iMac to look like they are designers. With regards to the iPhone…there is certainly a user base that buys it because its an apple. With the iPhone, I think Apple found a new, sizable niche…baby boomers. Their incredibly dead easy user experience lends them to the people that don’t understand technology, but want to be able to use smart phones.

        That’s one of the things I respect about apple as a company. They look at everyday tasks and things we do, and makes them dead simple for everyone to use. Not just the extremely tech oriented people. Think about where music consumption is on the whole now as compared to 8 years ago…that is 100% because of Apple. Then if you look at the iTV that is coming eventually, screw the physical TV aspect of it. I am more interested in how they are going to change the TV consumption (TV production industry). Perhaps you only pay for the channels you watch instead of paying for 2000 channels.

        I get where you are coming from, but Android people have the same amount of die hard fanboys/girls, that love everything Android, because it’s Android. For that matter, there are those type of people in every industry.

  5. Thanks again for the reply. I just wanted to say that I agree on people who love or hate something 100%. I dislike Apple for appearing superior and the “must have” item as it has the logo on. However I do think the technology is good although there are competitors who fail to get the same respect as Apple as they haven’t pushed their brand as a fashion accessory.

    As for the apps. I can sympathise when you refer to the “designer” mentality. I would get asked for my graphic design jobs if I was using the Mac. This was by people who had no idea of the benefits of the bloody thing, they just knew there was an association between designing and Apple. I’m having to justify that I’m using Adobe products so the system its run on is irrelevant. But this comes down to marketing and the portrayal of Apple and Microsoft. Plus word of mouth which has arisen as Microsoft fails to be as reliable as Apple.

    You are totally right about Baby Boomers. The one thing I must admit is I’m not a huge fan of touch screens and every time I have used an Iphone I get lost. I seem to be hardwired to remain with buttons or use an android phone (trust me I don’t know why I find it easier to use but I do). I am no technology expert however, so for me simple volume controls and a simple user experience like with my Sony Walkman are all I’m after. Plus the image that we portray when we use Apple products still prevents me from buying one. It sounds ridiculous as humans pride themselves on logic, but even if Apple had the best phone technology and price, I still couldn’t justify purchasing one due to the brand image and associations. This is because I’m not so smart as a human being and have built an emotional and psychological relationship with the brand.

    Can I ask if you are American? In the UK we have to pay for a TV Licence so that we can legally watch BBC channels. Even if you never watch BBC channels you are forced to pay. I never watch TV as I go online to enjoy what I want to watch rather than what they want us to watch. Yet I still have to pay for a TV licence to prevent getting taken to court; they would prove I have a TV in my home and it would be difficult for me to prove I do not use it for watching their channels. Hopefully there can be some resolve where you subscribe to a certain amount of channels and pick and choose online what shows you might want to watch from channels that are not on your list otherwise. You make a good point. I don’t see TVs disappearing anytime soon though. The new slimline Samsung TV is like looking through a window its so clear. With improvements like this, I think the TV with built in internet and a remote which you can use as a keyboard and mouse is going to be a growing trend.

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