Childhood Dreams Start Here…Who Likes To Moan?

Whilst visiting the dispatch area at my workplace I noticed a Smoby Supermarket Toy. I looked at the box and saw the image you see above: a boy pushing a trolley whilst being serving by a girl from behind the counter. The girl even wears a uniform. “This is a bit much isn’t it?” I started thinking. What kind of example are parents trying to set? Then I realised this was actually a good thing for parents to start buying. It’s called preparation.

A child starts out today with bright ideas of being an astronaut, a fireman, a nurse, a page three model or a porn star. These ambitious minds grow into young adults and once they turn 16, many will leave school in hope to follow their dreams of fame. The investment needed to get enlargements of all kinds requires money. Alas some children will stay on and work hard through university, gaining their 2.1s and 1sts in Biology and Law and they too must find a source of income.

Both will end up in the same situation thanks to the hard times today. These children will grow up to work behind tills, serving the lucky few who slipped through the net at chains like Asda, Lidl, Sainburys or Tesco. Buying them a Smoby Supermarket is an investment to give them a better opportunity of getting these jobs. After all competition is growing and saying you’ve had experience since the age of 5+ can only be a good thing. Plus at least these future adults will get to be what they dreamed of at the age of 5.


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