Eye Twitching… Who Likes To Moan?


My eye started twitching on the train this morning. I tried to ignore it at first but after a few more twitches I started to feel like my eye was going into labour as the period of contractions grew shorter. I covered my eye with my hand instantly and willed the twitch to stop. Epic fail. I put pressure on where I felt the main twitch was, but it kept going. This twitch has a strong pulse and it wasn’t afraid to show the world.

What I find funny is the reactions that people take to instances like this. You know your eye is twitching, you can feel it is. Yet the first thing you ask someone is “is my eye twitching?” You want to see if anyone can see it. Hopefully no one can see this and that’s okay you can live with that. So I asked my friend sat beside me “is my eye twitching?” I point to the eye and lean in to her face so she could examine me.

“It is a little bit yeah”. She replies

“It’s bad isn’t it?” This twitch has a heartbeat of its own; it’s growing, so it’s got to be twitching far more than she’s letting on. People will notice and I’ll look weird.

“No, it’s really not that bad. Every few seconds it twitches a bit more obviously but its okay. What’s wrong?”

I don’t know what’s wrong but the fact it twitches more obviously every few seconds is definitely not helping it go. She’s just given the twitch an ego. It’s going to need a birth certificate soon.

What is wrong? I felt fine this morning, I hadn’t slept as much as I’d liked but this isn’t the normal response. Normally I just yawn. Was it the late caffeine? Well all I know is that this is a situation and I’m about to get off the train and face Birmingham with a twitching eye. People might think I’m winking at them! Only two options:

1)      Walk with your head up high and welcome the twitch to the world

2)      Look at the floor and look like you are an unconfident twit

I preferred to look like an unconfident twit who felt the need to hold their right eye.


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