The Accidental Armpit Fart… Who Likes To Moan?

Right an embarrassing topic now. I even wonder whether I should say anything but who has heard of an accidental armpit fart? Yes you read that right, the accidental armpit fart.

So I’m sat down with my friend enjoying a film when I lean to grab my phone. As I pull my arm back in it inexplicably lets out a fart sound. This has never happened to me ever before. I looked at my armpit in shock; my mouth wide open as if I’d seen a ghost. I then looked at my friend to see if she had noticed and to my relief she seemed engrossed in the film. I shook my head in relief but I glared back at my armpit. Why did you do that? How did that even happen? Will it happen again?

I live in marginal fear at the thought of this ever happening again. I know it’s something to let an actual fart slip, I mean that’s embarrassing enough, but can you imagine having to apologise for an armpit fart?

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  1. LOL! It has never happened to me before too! But it could, so i better be careful.

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