The Twix Coffee… Who Likes To Moan?

I am staring at my Twix bar right now. I have a hot coffee right in front of me and if I were at home I’d bite off both ends of the Twix and use it as a straw until the caramel caves .

I’m in the office right now so I have a mini debate going on in my head… would it look unprofessional to do this? Of course people would see that it’s a bit out there but would people disapprove? I often wonder who decided what was acceptable in certain environments. It’s clearly considered rude to pick your nose in public. In fact I’ve seen a few people do this in the comfort of their own car and I’m still appalled. But sticking a Twix in a coffee isn’t exactly gross. Or is it?

I’m the kid who would buy a bowl of chips for 50p (school dinner’s cheapest food) and dip it into a free bowl of custard. Now that sounds gross to pretty much every reader right now but don’t knock it till you try it. If I was the kid who cared little for public politeness then why do I have to conform in the workplace?

Well the Twix is still staring at me, my coffee is half drank and I’m none the wiser. Guess the child in me will have to remain at home. Such as shame we are all told it’s best to grow up…. we miss out on so many simple pleasures.

  1. Yum Yum. i say bite off both ends and use it like a straw haha just go for it, who cares what they think 🙂 i must admit i have heard of most things but that takes the biscuit so to speak haha i will deffo be trying that one soon mmmm 🙂

    • I’ve got my coffee coming and my twix bar at the ready! It is time to dip and taste the yumminess!! 😀

  2. I would admire any girl that did this in public (or the office). I think you should try it the once and see if anyone does say anything

    • I did it that afternoon 😀 I got a few looks and I just said “mmmm its like a straw but yummier” lol.

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