The big fuss over Valentine’s Day… Who Likes To Moan?

Valentine’s Day equals “I love you”. Flocks of sheep dash to stores to buy overpriced roses, heart shaped chocolates, meaningless cards and designer lingerie. The restaurants see pound signs above every couples head as they double their prices and order in the cheapest meats. What a brilliant scene to picture as the schoolgirls open their umpteenth card, the boys all hope their handwriting has been recognised, and the husbands look forward to reaping their rewards.

I think Valentine’s day is a huge waste of money when we have a duty to show love to people we genuinely adore every day of the year. Does it mean more to people that their partner is a valentine’s sheep?


The leftists and liberal critiques of India believe it is unacceptable to show public affection and the promotion of such activities is evil (as in devils and demons type of evil). This is the same country that has helped the entire world with their famous book the Kamasutra. Which may I add, we are all truly thankful for.

  1. So agree with you on this. Valentines day is a definate money making day. Don’t believe in it one bit and just think that the love you show to someone should be everyday and not just the one day.
    But after speaking to a girl I really like yesterday, she said she would be love for her boyfriend to do something nice for her…..if she had one that is. I guess I have not choice but to send a card atleast

    and finally…Leena, are you sure you ain’t in my head and just taking everything I think about out of it and writing it on your blog?? hehe 😉

    • hehe I write about things that most people tend to think of but never really have the guts to say 😀

      I agree a card is nice, but when people go all the way with flowers, a meal etc I just wonder why they didn’t think to do it the week before, or the week after 😀

      thanks for your comment! 😀

  2. Well today is just annoying day! People are just overloading my facebook feed and twitter with Happy valentine’s day! Thinking of going social quiet for the day and getting away from it all

    • hahaha I completely understand! Did you know Valentine’s day was invented to boost anti-depressant sales in 1969 or something around then?! Bizarre! lol!!! well in the spirit of things… Happy Valentine’s Day :p hahaha

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