Death to Dubstep… Who Likes To Moan?

I am an absolute lover of Dubstep. I whole heartedly love how a composition of random sounds can create such a build up and release of emotions with the use of space and timing.

So why is it the death of Dubstep? You might have heard the uncultured crap that surrounds us on the radio. Well a few years back no-one had heard of Dubstep aside from the true fans who would party underground, stand around the DJ and watch him /her hit buttons while scratching the vinyl to create something epic. Now you hear a toned down, heartless version of dubstep on most radio stations. It has been pushed into the bridge, or the chorus, like in songs from Rhianna (Rated R Album where Chase & Status sold their souls to work with her) with a toneless drop and what could hardly be called a dubstep tune.

The sad thing is the more commercial Dubstep becomes, the more diluted it will get just to please the standard ears who lack diversity. I for one have an eclectic taste in music so for me it’s a depressing time for dubstep. I just hope the true fans hold on and continue to find the genius’s out there who still hold dubstep true to the heart.

  1. Damn right, although there are a good number of quality underground parties around, they’re not “radio friendly.”
    To take the example of Chase and Status; If you listen to the music with their name on it which you’ll hear on the radio and compare it to seeing them DJ out, there’s a world of difference.

  2. Completely completely agree!..great post.. the photo says it all really.. thats exactly whats happened.. the drop is the most important n epic part.. so annoying when you’ll give these commerical tunes a chance.. you get a build up n then…. some sucker starts singing again with no drop! your left completely DUMBSTRUCK!

  3. Wub wub warrmmmm said:

    experimental broken beat dubstep inspired pop elecronica is what i like to call it these days 😉

  4. Jam Juice said:

    I agree, but unfortunately it how the music industry works. It happens with bands all the time, the more fame they get the more they tend to change their sound to suit the masses. The more fans you have the more money you make (obviously). The same thing can happen with a whole genre, I heard a whisper of Xzibit and Busta Rhymes getting into dubstep production to be used as backing tracks for hip hop tunes… People like Benga and Rusko are becoming more and more famous, and even they are starting to make more mainstream tunes… It wont be long till they are on MTV and doing car insurance adverts for Swift cover. RIP Dubstep

    • Completely agree with everything you have said. It all comes down to money, and none of the dubstep musicians are sticking to their guns. If Sony can buy them (for example) then Dubstep is gone. Just like the death of rap, hip hop and old style rnb. Only Pop survives…. urghh

    • Dylan said:

      Don’t forget Justin Bieber and Brittney spears, probably numerous other pop artist(rather not search, as the disappointment may overwhelm me)

      But one thing I will add to the whole “the death of dubstep” thing is, it’s not truly dead, in the sense that there are still good artist smithing true to word dubstep out there. but, for all of us original fans it’s become 20x harder finding them.

      The days of searching “dubstep” on the net and actually getting dubstep are over, now you get something similar to electro-house or 20 million shoddy youtube songs/remixes that sound the same.

      to me, that’s what I really hate what has happened to dubstep…I just don’t have the time or inclination to shovel through tons of garbage screeching house/copies/whatever tunes to find one or two good unique dubstep tunes. 😦 I barely get time to enjoy my favorite artist, as is.

      hehe moaning is pretty fun.

      • I completely agree. I am tired of hearing commercial dubstep. I actually feel like I’m reminiscing of the times where I could appreciate real music. Every time I listen to Radio 1 they have a dubstep tune on…. well they call it dubstep. To people like you and me this is nothing more than a Screwdriver cocktail without the Vodka!!

        Moaning is brill! Let me know if you have any grumbles and I can pop them up on here 🙂

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