Charity Muggers… Who Likes To Moan?

I’m chatting with my friend on the ever so popular Facebook about charities. I’ve posted a link to a video which promotes a charity to take down Kony, a dictator who kidnaps children, gives them guns and forces them to kill and rape others. My friend comments on my post about charity fatigue and it leads to a term he calls “charity muggers”. A charity mugger refers to a person that stands on the street trying to stop you from walking towards your destination. You must have met at least one in your time. The people that wear bright jackets, can see you half a mile off and treat you like prey. They hunt you down even if you meander through the crowd, pretend to be on your phone or avoid eye contact at all costs (including walking into other poor sods who are doing exactly the same thing).

I hate charity muggers. I actually verge on despising these people. They can see my vulnerabilities, smell my generosity and hear my kindness. To these people I am prey. I do not want to be guilt tripped to hand out my direct debit details by anyone. How many homeless people, starving children, diseased animals and poorly people must I be nagged to help? Do I look like I own a multi million pound business? I barely have enough money to pay my bills yet I’m made to feel bad that I’m not helping others. Even when I explain to these people that I’m currently giving to three charities they continue to pester me. I wonder how many charities these people support?!

I guess the truth comes from the term charity fatigue. I am tired of being hassled by charities I’ve never heard of before. I am fed up with the constant worry of being stopped by a mugger and having to make excuses which will make me feel guilty. Can’t there be some sort of limitation or procedure in place to prevent these people from actively making the public feel guilty? Someone needs to create a phone app that alerts you when a charity mugger is approaching so that we don’t all walk down the high street with our heads facing the floor. If these charities want money please just hold a bucket and I will happily chuck my change in it to put off a conversation- it’s a win-win.

  1. another way to avoid these people is dress like these people with the same high visibility jacket and maybe we could harass them for money to, that would deffo be a win win situation 🙂

  2. Chugger Startegy; Headphones in, walk with purpose. Of course, it would be nice to not have to have a tactic for walking down the damn street!

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